Do you want to give back to others?  Are you a certified personal trainer looking to teach classes or offer 1-1 personal training?  Evolution Fitness is growing every day and we are always looking for certified instructors to sub classes or teach new classes that have been added to the schedule.  Email us at to inquire about upcoming teaching opportunities.

meet the trainers

Debi condon, Owner, Instructor

I have always been an active person, but never had a consistent workout routine.  I was always "just happy & content" with my body and weight.  Between 2001-2005 I had 3 children, all large at birth and all delivered via c-sections.  With each subsequent child, I kept a few pounds on.  By 2006, I was starting to push the limits with a size 10-12 pants and knew that if I did not do something & remain consistent with it, I was going to go down a road that I did not want to be on.  In December 2006, my neighbor asked me if I was interested in joining Weight Watchers with her.  My response was "sure" but I knew I was not committed.  My diet was my main focus at this point ~ I started counting my points, watching my portions and choosing better food.  I slowly started adding in walking around my neighborhood and then strength training exercises.  By August 2007, I have lost 30 pounds, hit my lifetime goal with Weight Watchers and was fitting into a size 4 pants.  In September 2007, I started researching more strength training & eating more clean food (all natural, unprocessed).  Since then I have continued to work on building my muscle tone and maintaining my weight.  

I know that there are hundreds of people who have a very similar situation as I did as well as hundreds of frustrated people looking to lose weight and get in shape.  This is why I followed my dream of becoming a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and started Evolution Fitness.  I will show you how to GET FIT and STAY FIT without having to belong to a gym or need expensive exercise equipment.



ISSA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

ISSA Certified Fitness Nutritional Specialist

TRX Certified Instructor

Certified Boot Camp Instructor

CPR/AED Certified, American Red Cross

BS Degree in Business Administration/Marketing