Debi condon, Owner, Instructor

I have always been an active person, but never had a consistent workout routine.  I was always "just happy & content" with my body and weight.  Between 2001-2005 I had 3 children, all large at birth and all delivered via c-sections.  With each subsequent child, I kept a few pounds on.  By 2006, I was starting to push the limits with a size 10-12 pants and knew that if I did not do something & remain consistent with it, I was going to go down a road that I did not want to be on.  In December 2006, my neighbor asked me if I was interested in joining Weight Watchers with her.  My response was "sure" but I knew I was not committed.  My diet was my main focus at this point ~ I started counting my points, watching my portions and choosing better food.  I slowly started adding in walking around my neighborhood and then strength training exercises.  By August 2007, I have lost 30 pounds, hit my lifetime goal with Weight Watchers and was fitting into a size 4 pants.  In September 2007, I started researching more strength training & eating more clean food (all natural, unprocessed).  Since then I have continued to work on building my muscle tone and maintaining my weight.  

I know that there are hundreds of people who have a very similar situation as I did as well as hundreds of frustrated people looking to lose weight and get in shape.  This is why I followed my dream of becoming a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and started Evolution Fitness.  I will show you how to GET FIT and STAY FIT without having to belong to a gym or need expensive exercise equipment.



ISSA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

ISSA Certified Fitness Nutritional Specialist

TRX Certified Instructor

Certified Boot Camp Instructor

CPR/AED Certified, American Red Cross

BS Degree in Business Administration/Marketing



Like many college students I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I received my B.S. in Biology from Sacred Heart University in 2004. From there I ventured into the animal science field where I did field research of the Desert Tortoise, working for U.S. Fish and Wildlife, living right outside of Las Vegas making $60 a week, yes I said week! Needless to say, I went broke and moved back east to Kingston, New York with my parents. There was a course at the Community College to become a Certified Personal Trainer. I have been an athlete since I was a little kid so I have always enjoyed exercise. Some may call me a freak for that! Anyway, I made the choice to pursue a career in a field that I already enjoy. I am truly blessed to do something I love.
I have been working as a Certified Fitness Specialist since 2006. My Certification is through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). My experience has ranged from coaching young female athletes in soccer and lacrosse to running a Wellness Center with emphasis on training individuals with chronic illnesses in Western Massachusetts to running my own personal training business to teaching group classes and bootcamps, TRX classes to helping people rehabilitate an injury with the help from my additional Certifications in Functional Movement Screening and Kinesio Taping. My knowledge in the health risk or special population field started when I tore my ACL. I have had 4 knee surgeries and to this day I still don't have an ACL in my knee. I didn't want to believe that I could never exercise they way I used to so I was forced to learn how to maintain my injury. Through stability work, specific strengthening, diligent stretching routine, consistent massage therapy work and chiropractic maintenance I have come to the point where I can run a 5k pain free (most of the time) without that major ligament in my knee. Because of my personal journey through this I have compassion for those that suffer from an injury and I can help people overcome it. I am a feisty little Italian and I will fight to help a person overcome their limitations. It can be done. Sometimes you just need a little motivation and encouragement. 
Exercise should not be looked at as a chore. It should be part of your lifestyle. Exercise is essential not only to our survival but to our quality of life and wellbeing. It is hard to get motivated, I know it is, but if you are in the right hands it will benefit you in ways you never thought it could, I guarantee it! My job is one of those jobs I just feel good doing.  It is rewarding when I motivate people to get healthier and getting them to feel good about themselves while reaching their fitness goals.  If I instill a little confidence in one person even for one day then it is worth it to me as a trainer.

I had never been completely comfortable with my body.  I always loved playing sports and being active, but I also had a poor body image which repeatedly led to an unhealthy cycle of crash diets and binge eating.  My weight had been a constant, fluctuating battle for most of my life, but I never really felt as though I had lost the war until I had kids.  I no longer made time for physical activity, and I hardly noticed what and how much I was consuming. Before I knew it, I barely recognized myself. My youngest son was over a year old, but I hadn't lost any weight. I felt tired and older than my years. I fought depression.
And then I met Debi Condon.  She convinced me to give bootcamp a try, and I never looked back. I loved the workout. It was all sweat and soreness and intensity; it was an hour of grunting; it was ever changing and challenging.  I walked out of every class feeling as though I had really accomplished something. And I loved my fellow boot campers. From all walks of life, all different ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. They amazed me with their effort, their abilities and their own fitness journeys. From 60 to 16, from the middle-aged mom trying to get in shape, to the off-season athlete working to get better,  every single one of them inspired me.  It was a slow process, but every day I became stronger, faster, slimmer. I was spending more time in the vegetable section of the market, and less in the boxed/pre-made section. Before I knew it, I'd lost nearly 40 pounds, and had gone from a size 18 to a size 8. Yet somewhere along the way, it stopped being about looking better, and was instead about feeling better, doing better. I had more energy, less anxiety, more confidence. It changed my whole life. 
Debi suggested that I join her team, and at first I was skeptical. I thought, could I really do this? Me? The girl who was once awkward, unhealthy, and plagued with low self-esteem? But once I started paying attention, I realized how incredibly happy it made me to see others getting fit. A new person would show up at class and I would be giddy! Someone would tell me they just started running or tried boxing for the first time, and I would get so excited! The more I became involved in health & fitness, the more I loved it. And as more and more people told me that I had been an inspiration to them, I knew I'd found my calling.  I realized that all you need to succeed at anything is to WANT to succeed. Since then I've become a certified group exercise instructor, bootcamp instructor, and personal trainer, as well as being certified in CPR and First Aid. I've never stopped working hard, but I've never stopped enjoying it, either. I realize how incredibly lucky I am to do what I love and love what I do. I still walk out of every single class with that same feeling of accomplishment. And little makes me happier than hearing of someone's lost inches, or sore backside!


Do you want to give back to others?  Are you a certified personal trainer looking to teach classes or offer 1-1 personal training?  Evolution Fitness is growing every day and we are always looking for certified instructors to sub classes or teach new classes that have been added to the schedule.  Email us at to inquire about upcoming teaching opportunities.

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